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Fatman Arne & the Petitpetits


Fatman Arne   Glad to be Fat (1997)    
  Sven Arne Hörster, voc
Martin Rudkowski, git
Stefan Schierlau, harmonica
Jörg Hampe, bass
Markus Maurer, keys
Andreas Jören, keys
Björn Stieger, sax
Volker Zippel, trumpet
Willi Budde, trumpet
Arndt Hesse, drums

1. You're a Bad one Baby
2. What's a big Idea
3. Fatman's on the road
4. Waiting for the Tide to Turn
5. Another Harp Attack
6. Can't play the Blues
7. Diggin on J.B.
8. Guilty
9. What went Wrong
10.Another fine play
11. Ham-Burger
12. I'm ready
13. Boogie Thing
14. Terrible Dream

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Fatman Arne   A Fat Piece of Blues (2000)    
  Sven Arne Hörster, voc
Martin Rudkowski, git

Markus Maurer, keys
Mario Emde, bass
Ronnie Lüdike, bass
Arndt Hesse, drums
Eddi Tapp, recording
1. Too Much
2. Dust my Broom
3. Let's go, get stoned
4. I'm burning Babe
5. Play Dirty
6. The right Time
7. Dance the Night Away
8. The Blues don't bother me
8. Get Down
10. Talk is Cheap
11. Looking Back
12. Fatmans's on the Road
13. Just about enough
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